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Medical And Healthcare Labels
  • Drug Labels

    Drug Labels

    Drug labels are a large type, including boxed drug labels, bottled drug labels, and bagged drug labels. The labels for each different package of drugs vary widely. Shenyang Winbo Rommer Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. can be customized for you according to the actual application of the drug and the needs of the manufacturer. It can be customized to withstand low temperature, anti-counterfeiting, etc. The glue is guaranteed to be a low-permeability or non-permeable adhesive and meet the GB standard.

  • Test Tube Labels

    Test Tube Labels

    Shenyang Winbo Rommer Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has a wide selection of label types that can be used on test tubes or vials, from high quality paper to synthetic materials and durable polyester. Our labels are ideal for sample tracking in chemistry, hematology, virology, genetics, DNA sequencing, forensics, drug discovery and other related fields.

  • Hospital Bracelet Labels

    Hospital Bracelet Labels

    Patient safety is a primary consideration when using medical equipment. Accurate patient identification systems can effectively reduce errors and improve patient care. Patient safety begins with a correct and reliable hospital Bracelet Label. We can provide a wide range of Hospital Wristbands, Medical ID Bracelets & Identification Wristbands, Hospital Label Printers or Hospital Labels, Healthcare ID Cards etc.

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