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Shipping And Logistics Labels
  • Carton Labels

    Carton Labels

    The carton labels is also called the shipping label, the logistics label, the outer box sticker, the logistics delivery sticker, and can be attached to the carton or the plastic box. The carton sticker includes the consignee, the waybill number, the order number, the destination, the quantity of the goods, etc., and if it is a special item, a warning warning sign is also attached.We are leading manufacturer, supplier, trader, exporter, distributer and wholesaler of carton Stickers.

  • Electronic Bill

    Electronic Bill

    With the rapid development of e-commerce platform and logistics service information, the waybill number has become the hub of logistics service providers in tandem with express orders, orders, merchants, commodities and other information.Traditional paper bills have the disadvantages of high price, low efficiency of information entry, and hidden dangers of information security.The emergence of electronic bills has effectively improved these shortcomings. Electronic bill, generally also said thermal paper express label, is printed by using thermal paper, thermal printer pre-set format.

  • Logistics Labels

    Logistics Labels

    B2C and C2C e-commerce are increasingly infiltrating into everyone's daily life, and more and more people tend to purchase life through online shopping.However, sometimes the related materials are not in place or out of sync, which will lead to confusion and loss of the package.Our logistics labels can identify products, track product supply chains, and position logistics at any time. Our transport and logistics labels range includes; coloured and blank logistics labels , fully customised and barcoded tracking labels, warning labels, and freight forwarding destination or identification labels. According to your needs and requirements, we can provide two types of logistics labels,thermal transfer and direct thermal labels.

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