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Electronic Bill

Electronic Bill

Brand :TTJ

Product origin :Shenyang, China

Delivery time :7 days

Supply capacity :100000rolls/day

With the rapid development of e-commerce platform and logistics service information, the waybill number has become the hub of logistics service providers in tandem with express orders, orders, merchants, commodities and other information.Traditional paper bills have the disadvantages of high price, low efficiency of information entry, and hidden dangers of information security.The emergence of electronic bills has effectively improved these shortcomings.
Electronic bill, generally also said thermal paper express label, is printed by using thermal paper, thermal printer pre-set format.

Product Features

● The printing efficiency of using electronic bill printing is 60%-90% higher than that of traditional express bill.

The cost is at least 5 times lower than the traditional single.

Saved time : For traditional delivery, the operator needs to match the courier list and the order information that have been checked and then ship the goods. The electronic bill has already completed the order matching when the order information is applied for the courier number, and no need to check one by one. Greatly saved time.

The electronic bill can also hide the recipient's private information through the QR code to avoid leakage of the consumer's personal privacy.

The same heat-sensitive sheet is used for the waybill and the picking list. There is no duplicate link, only the upper and lower links, which greatly improves the picking efficiency.

Production Details


This label has a three-layer structure

● First layer : Thermal paper, waterproof, oil-proof, anti-friction, can be easily torn open, no sticky on the back.

Second layer : PET film, back with glue, can be glued to the box.

● Third layer : Glassine paper, non-stick, for bar code printer sensing.

Production Process

● We have professional designers who can provide you with professional designs according to your needs and requirements.

● In addition to printing, special processes such as lamination, hot stamping and varnishing can be applied to the labels. You can choose according to your product needs.

Compatible Printers

Thermal label printer with a width of 4 inches or more

The following printers brand are available: Zebra, intermec, Avery, Dennison, Printronix, datamax, brady, cab, paxa Monarch, sato, tec, citizen, etc.

How to customize Labels

● You can send us a sample of the label or a file you want to customize. 

● In addition, you can provide us with the printer model and the usage environment of the label. We will be based on the printer for you to recommend the appropriate label size, suitable paper axis, number of labels per roll and positioning method, according to the useof the environment to determine whether special process or ink is required.


The express electronic bill is used in the express delivery industry to record the sender, the recipient, and the weight and price of the product in the process of transporting the goods.

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Packaging and Shipping

 Minimum order quantity is one roll.

 The electronic bill will be delivered within a week.

 Express can choose to air, sea, direct mail Home.

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