Hospital Medical ID Bracelet Labels for Patient Identification Wristbands

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Hospital Bracelet Labels

Hospital Bracelet Labels

Brand :TTJ

Product origin :Shenyang, China

Delivery time :7 days

Supply capacity :100000rolls/day

Patient safety is a primary consideration when using medical equipment. Accurate patient identification systems can effectively reduce errors and improve patient care. Patient safety begins with a correct and reliable hospital Bracelet Label.
We can provide a wide range of Hospital Wristbands, Medical ID Bracelets & Identification Wristbands, Hospital Label Printers or Hospital Labels, Healthcare ID Cards etc.

Product Features

● Medical special super soft material, never cut hands. Can be adjusted according to the size of the patient's wrist, suitable for different bodies, different ages.

● The wristband is divided into a patient identification wristband and a newborn identification wristband. The patient wristband is used to identify the patient, and the newborn born wristband is used to identify the newborn.

● Our factory can print all kinds of LOGO and text according to your requirement to meet your individual needs.

 One-time use, to eliminate the cycle.The wristband is designed for the dead buckle, and the patient can't solve it by himself, which can effectively ensure the correctness and uniqueness of the identification.


Production Process

 We have professional designers who can provide you with professional designs according to your needs and requirements.

 In addition to printing, special processes such as lamination, hot stamping and varnishing can be applied to the labels. You can choose according to your product needs.

Compatible Printers

● Ordinary barcode printers are used with ribbons.

● The thermal print identification tape uses a dedicated thermal printer.

 Can be handwritten without a printer.

How to customize Labels

 You can send us a sample of the label or a file you want to customize. 

 In addition, you can provide us  the usage environment of the label. We will  recommend the appropriate label size, suitable paper axis, number of labels per roll and positioning method, according to the use of the environment to determine whether special process or ink is required.


The hospital bracelet label can be applied to hospitalization signs, surgical signs, maternal and child signs, etc.


Packaging and Shipping

● Minimum order quantity is one roll.

 The hospital bracelet  labels will be delivered within a week.

 Express can choose to air, sea, direct mail Home.

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