High Quality Custom Linerless Blank Labels Environmentally Friendly Label

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Linerless Labels

Linerless Labels

Brand :TTJ

Product origin :Shenyang, China

Delivery time :7 days

Supply capacity :100000rolls/day

A linerless label is a sticker without the bottom paper. The surface paper adopts high quality direct thermal paper . The principle is to first print the text on the substrate,then on one side coated with glue and on the other side coated with silicone oil ,which can avoid the loss of the bottom paper.So it is a more intelligent, more environmentally friendly label.

Product Features

● Reduce waste, save raw materials, lower carbon, more environmentally friendly.

● Compared with the traditional label, because there is no base paper, the same size of paper roll will accommodate more self-adhesive labels, can reduce the single label cost, reduce the frequency of paper change.

● Reduced storage and shipping weight and label paper inventory, and significantly reduced waste on printers and packaging lines.

● It reduces the energy consumption of mobile waste and eliminates the cost and environmental pollution caused by traditional label processing of waste paper.

● Black mark may be printed on the back or you can add a tear line to the label.

Production Process

Blank Label: die-cutting,winding

Compatible Printers

Scales and printers that can print linerless labels, such as DIGI SM-110 120 and redo RG-MLP80A.


Apply to supermarket scale labels and logistics labels.

linerless label applications.jpg

Packaging and Shipping

● Minimum order quantity is one roll.

● The linerless labels will be delivered within a week.

● Express can choose to air, sea, direct mail Home.

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