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Shelf Label Holders

Shelf Label Holders

Brand :TTJ

Product origin :Shenyang, China

Delivery time :7 days

Supply capacity :100000rolls/day

Our shelf label holders using high quality and guaranteed white cardboard paper.Raw materials purchased in Avery Dennison or UPM Raflatac.
Mainly use UV ink and resin ink, can also use removable ink, sun - resistant ink, anti - counterfeiting ink, color change (temperature control or light impact) ink according to the customer product application site.
The paper shaft can be selected with a smooth coating on the inner wall to ensure that the paper scraps are not lost in the printing process and to avoid reducing the life of the print head.

Product Features

●Available in various shapes & sizes.

●Good paper toughness, not easy to tear.

●Smooth surface, environmental protection inks, beautiful colors.

●There are three ways to locate shelf labels.

a. Bottom paper transparent posisioning.

b. Black mark positioning(The size and position of the black mark are determined by the printer)

c. Round hole positioning(The size and position of the black mark are determined by the printer)

●Clear K Line

shelf labels.jpg 

K Line is commonly knownas "Tear Line". Which plays a role in separating labels, and is convenient for tearing off labels. It is widely used in roll shelf labels.

Shelf labels can be printed and can be handwritten.

shelf labels2.jpg   

Unique copper material, support printing,while supporting handwriting, clear handwriting.

Production Process

We have the following process about custom shelf labels:

full color, lamination, printing, hot stamping, varnishing, die-cutting, winding

Compatible Scales

Suitable for barcode printer, with carbon ribbon.Such as Zebra,intermec,avery,dennison, 

datamax, brady, cab, paxa Monarch, sato, tec, citizen, etc.

How to customize Labels

You can send us a sample of the label or a file you want to customize. 

In addition, you can provide us with the printer model and the usage environment of the label. We will be based on the printer for you to recommend the appropriate label size, suitable paper axis, number of labels per roll and positioning method, according to the use of the environment to determine whether special process or ink is required.


Our shelf label holders are widly used in supermarkets, shopping malls, tobacco hotels and other retail industries.

shelf label application.jpg

Packaging and Shipping

Minimum order quantity is one roll.

●The shelf label holders will be delivered within a week.

●Express can choose to air, sea, direct mail Home.

Our services

●Free samples

●Feel free to reply online.

●The perfect after-sale service.

●Welcome to visit our factory and negotiate face-to-face.

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